Strategic positioning:

Tire industry ecological organizer.

Company mission:

Lead "green" tire industry, drive "smart" supply chain.

Business philosophy:

The construction of "five" - synergetic, customized, de-intermediated, digital, circular.

Enterprise spirit:

Green, collaborative, open and innovative.

Company vision:

To become the world's largest tire industry ecological supply chain.


Management purpose:

To create benefits for customers, create prospects for employees, create value for the society, and create returns for shareholders.

Management philosophy:

Everyone on one side of the day, all strive to be a leader.

Management principle:

Take striver as the base, take creator as the source.

Management principle:

Create value and share development.                                     


Humanistic culture:

People oriented, use as the basis, to achieve "head pocket" double input.

Enterprise style:

Do practical work, do new things, speak efficiency, speak dedication.

Corporate values:

Happiness is out of struggle!