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Zhejiang Tianlun Supply-Chain management  CO.,LTD (Tianlun Supply-Chain) founded in DEC, 2016. Tianlun group is the first domestic tire ecological supply chain enterprise which focuses on vertical operation of tire industry and is committed to the integration of collaborative procurement, collaborative manufacturing, channel distribution, user experience, green recycling and supply chain finance.

Tianlun group consists of Zibo Tianlun Supply Chain CO.,LTD, Zibo Tianlun International Trade CO.,LTD, Guangxi New Guilun Rubber CO.,LTD., Qingdao Tulechi Rubber CO.,LTD., and other companies, with more than 1,500 employees. The team is composed of senior experts in tire R & D, quality control, marketing, supply chain management, information and financial industry.

Since its foundation, the company has built a comprehensive intelligent supply chain system of the tire industry with the "five" operation mode of synergy, customization, de-intermediation, digitalization and recycling, forming a new business model of efficient, accurate, sharing and green recyclable development.

At present, the company has established a big data platform of micro mall, with more than 50,000 online customers' attention and more than 10,000 customers' service. The platform is powerful. The brand new tire procurement system of "direct manufacturer customization" created for customers enables small and medium-sized customers to realize deep integration with the Internet and the Internet of things. Nearly 50 cooperative and private brands have entered, and 15 provincial operation centers have been established.

In the future, Tianlun group, as the first global layout in the domestic tire industry channels of supply chain and supply chain platform, will use "Internet plus” innovation concept to realize the entire tire industry supply chain business flow, logistics, information flow and cash flow of the "four circulations" efficient integration, efficient operation as the management goal, to China's "100 the world's leading supply chain enterprises" for the development opportunity, committed to the production in the field of tire building green, be in harmony with the information for the integration of Shared economic ecosystem, and share “OBOR” policy in the future vision for global expansion, and help tire industry in the era of supply-side reform of the transformation and take-off.

Tianlun chronicle of events


June 13 , 2019
JUN, 13TH: In June, there are 15 provincial operation centers in China
Apr 12 , 2019
APR, 12th: In April, Qingdao tulechi rubber co., LTD was established and settled in Qingdao huanghai
Mar 12 , 2019
MAR, 12th: In March, Tianlun supply chain was selected into the list of "Hangzhou unicorn and q


Dec 11 , 2018
DEC,11TH: In December, Jie bao, a domestic leading brand was officially launched.
Nov 08 , 2018
NOV, 8TH: In November, Guangxi New Guilun Rubber CO.,LTD. was established and settled in guilin beil
Oct 16 , 2018
OCT,16TH: In October, Sichuan operation center was officially established in chengdu and the southwe
Oct 13 , 2018
OCT, 13TH: In October, Tianlun was jointly rated as "national pilot enterprise of supply chain
July 17 , 2018
JUL,17TH: In July, Tianlun online mall are in severice.
May 09 , 2018
MAY,9TH: In May,Tianlun was selected as the vice President of the professional committee of procurem
Jan 09 , 2018
JAN,9TH:In Janauary, Tianlun Supply Chain-Wanshine Production Base founded.
Jan 09 , 2018
JAN,9TH: In Janauary, Tianlun supply chain was elected as the governing unit of "modern supply


Dec 11 , 2017
DEC,11TH :In December, Zibo Tianlun Supply Chain CO.,LTD founded, settled in wanshine factory.
July 02 , 2017
JUL,2ND: In July, Tianlun start cooperation with international brand PRELLI.
June 13 , 2017
JUN,13TH: In June, Jiangsu operation center and yunnan and guizhou operation center were established
Mar 06 , 2017
MAR,6TH: In MARCH, Qianjin, zhongche, doubelcoin and other top domestic brands have entered Tianlun.
Jan 10 , 2017
JAN,10TH: In Janauary, Zhejiang operation center and Shanghai operation center were established resp


Dec 12 , 2016
DEC,12TH: Zhejiang Tianlun Supply-Chain management CO.,LTD (Tianlun Supply-Chain) founded in DEC,12
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